Know Your Business

Seamless Business Onboarding (KYB)

Seamlessly onboard and verify your and your client’s businesses from anywhere in the world – in minutes.

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Know Your Business

Build up your business onboarding journey

Everything you need, under one roof

Business onboarding has for too long been a tiresome and painful process – not any longer. With Cellbunq we give you the ability to decide and define your specific journey with your own prerequisites.

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10,000+ Trusted & Verified

Gather information from trusted data sources

Using only the company name and location we are able to gather & cross-check information from 10,000+ trusted sources and build up the business profile

Customised flows for clients

Collect additional supporting documents

Businesses are unique and so is your requirements. Cellbunq allows you to create customised journeys for your customers to collect any type of business documents such as:

Document uploads
Business intelligence

Gather unrivalled business insights for automation

We give you the insights that help you make automated decisions.

Understand complex

Ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) structures

Companies can be structured to an endless extent, we have with the power of AI created a structured layout that lets you easily grasp how companies are set up and who owns them.

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Book in a call today and we will donate to charity

Stop wasting time and turn your clients away, make your business onboarding a seamless & pleasant experience that will drive up your revenue. For any client signup we have also made it our goal to give back to charities that help support others in need.

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