BlogNews & UpdatesBreaking News: Swedish KYB platform Cellbunq expands to APAC

Breaking News: Swedish KYB platform Cellbunq expands to APAC

In today’s globalized business landscape, companies are increasingly seeking efficient and reliable solutions to navigate the complex Know Your Business (KYB) process. One such innovative platform is Cellbunq, a Swedish fintech company recently expanding into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market. This expansion marks a significant milestone for Cellbunq and presents an excellent opportunity for businesses in the APAC region to streamline their KYB procedures and enhance their international operations.


On April 26th, 2023, Cellbunq made an exciting announcement regarding its expansion into the APAC market. As a leading global KYB provider, Cellbunq offers an end-to-end platform that simplifies gathering and verifying business information for domestic and international companies. This expansion signifies Cellbunq’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to Asian businesses, enabling them to overcome the challenges associated with the KYB process.

Swedish KYB Platform Cellbunq Expands to APAC

Cellbunq: A Global KYB Platform

Cellbunq’s platform provides businesses with access to a global network of data providers and a configurable front-end user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). This platform allows companies to collect information directly from business owners and obtain the most up-to-date and accurate business profiles. Cellbunq’s solution simplifies the often complicated and time-consuming process of gathering and verifying business information, empowering companies to make informed decisions based on reliable data.

Benefits for Asian Businesses

The expansion of Cellbunq into the APAC market brings numerous benefits to Asian businesses operating in various industries, including payments, supply chain management, travel, and online marketplaces. With Cellbunq’s platform, these businesses can streamline their KYB procedures, efficiently onboard international clients, and expand their global reach. By leveraging Cellbunq’s services, Asian companies can overcome the complexities of the KYB process and establish stronger business relationships worldwide.

Expanding AI Platform for Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) Structures

One of the notable features of Cellbunq’s AI platform is its support for complex Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) structures. UBO structures often pose challenges in obtaining comprehensive data, but Cellbunq‘s expansion addresses this issue. The AI platform provides businesses with clear and understandable graphs, offering insights into the ultimate beneficial owners of any entity. This functionality covers both entity-owned companies and those owned by individuals, allowing for a holistic view of UBO structures.

How Cellbunq Facilitates Onboarding and Services

Cellbunq’s platform simplifies the onboarding process for businesses and individuals while allowing them to choose their desired services. Moreover, Cellbunq’s global coverage enables companies to onboard regardless of geographical location, eliminating the need for physical presence. This seamless onboarding experience enhances accessibility and ensures businesses can benefit from Cellbunq’s services irrespective of location.

#1 Comprehensive Data on UBO Structures

Cellbunq’s expanded AI platform allows businesses to access comprehensive data on complex UBO structures. By leveraging this feature, companies can analyze ownership structures in detail and quickly identify potential red flags. This level of insight empowers businesses to make informed decisions and comply with regulatory requirements, minimizing the risks associated with complex ownership structures.

#2 Granular Analysis of Ownership Structures

Cellbunq’s AI platform provides granular analysis capabilities, enabling businesses to examine ownership structures thoroughly. This analysis allows for a more in-depth understanding of ownership relationships, facilitating the identification of any anomalies or suspicious activities. With Cellbunq’s advanced analytical tools, businesses can proactively address potential risks and safeguard their operations from financial crimes.

#3 Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Complying with regulatory requirements is crucial for businesses operating in today’s highly regulated environment. Cellbunq’s expansion and enhanced AI capabilities significantly contribute to meeting these requirements. By utilizing Cellbunq’s platform, businesses can ensure transparency in their operations and demonstrate their commitment to maintaining financial integrity. The comprehensive and reliable KYB services offered by Cellbunq help businesses easily navigate complex regulatory frameworks.

Cellbunq’s Commitment to Innovation

Cellbunq’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in its continuous efforts to enhance its KYB services. The expansion into the APAC market and the development of an AI-driven platform demonstrate Cellbunq’s commitment to providing businesses with cutting-edge solutions. By leveraging advanced technologies and staying at the forefront of industry trends, Cellbunq remains a trusted partner for companies worldwide.

Final Thoughts

Expanding the Swedish KYB platform Cellbunq to the APAC market brings immense opportunities for Asian businesses seeking efficient and reliable solutions for their KYB procedures. With Cellbunq’s global end-to-end platform and expanded AI capabilities, companies can simplify their onboarding processes, gain comprehensive insights into ownership structures, and comply with regulatory requirements. Cellbunq’s commitment to innovation and its track record of delivering reliable KYB services position it as a valuable partner in today’s dynamic business landscape.

People Also Ask

1. What is KYB?

KYB stands for Know Your Business. It refers to how businesses gather and verify information about other companies, including their ownership structures, beneficial owners, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

2. How does Cellbunq’s AI platform support UBO structures?

Cellbunq’s AI platform enables businesses to obtain comprehensive data on Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) structures. The platform presents clear and understandable graphs that illustrate the ultimate beneficial owners of any entity, allowing businesses to gain insights into complex ownership relationships.

3. Can businesses onboard regardless of location?

Cellbunq’s platform offers worldwide coverage, allowing businesses to onboard regardless of location. Physical presence is not required, enabling companies to access Cellbunq’s services easily.

4. What are the benefits of Cellbunq’s expanded AI capabilities?

Cellbunq’s expanded AI capabilities provide businesses with a more granular analysis of ownership structures. This allows for a detailed examination of complex ownership relationships, facilitating the identification of potential risks or red flags.

5. How does Cellbunq help businesses comply with regulatory requirements?

Cellbunq’s comprehensive and reliable KYB services assist businesses in meeting regulatory requirements. By leveraging Cellbunq’s platform, companies can ensure transparency in their operations, make informed decisions, and demonstrate their commitment to maintaining financial integrity.

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