KYB Express

Automated know your business (KYB)

Automated Know Your Business (KYB) in less than a minute, powered by AI and conversational AI.

KYB Express

Automated onboarding

Only two inputs and a few confirmations

Through KYB Express, your customers can enjoy a process that anyone can complete without getting annoyed by a lengthy process. We only require the business name and the country; the rest, we manage in the background.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

A process run by AI and conversational AI

Through the power of AI and conversational AI, we are able to give businesses an onboarding process that won’t inflict any drop in conversions.

Complete Company Profile

Experience completed onboardings like never before

Express KYB allows you to unlock company onboardings like never before. Experience a seamless KYB process that allows you to review applicants at a large scale.

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Processed in the background

A complete kyb in the back-end, not the front-end

We believe the customers you are onboarding should not be bothered by unnecessary data gatherings. That’s why we have built the KYB Express to run in the background.

Questions & Answers

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What is the difference between KYB Express and the normal KYB?

KYB Express is built to be the quickest way for any organization to become verified. Normal KYB may include more compliance steps while KYB Express operates mainly in the background.

Can I tweak the KYB Express?

Yes, you can! Cellbunq is built to be highly modular and you can use any of our products/services in combination or stand-alone.

Does KYB Express work globally?

Yes and no. KYB Express leverages trusted data sources in the background. However, for some countries, the data remains limited and the end-user will be prompted to upload supporting documents. The documents are scanned and verified in real-time and through conversational AI, which makes it a more enjoyable process.

How do you apply conversational AI?

We believe that the traditional process of uploading endless company documents is very outdated. We instead present information in a chat format such as “Can you confirm that these are the Directors?”



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