Compliance Dashboard+

360° overview of your onboardings

A complete platform to manage and configure your business onboarding process.

com dashboard

Compliance Dashboard+

A complete comprehensive solution to

View onboarded clients and configure the process

The Cellbunq dashboard is a unified reporting system where you can view any onboarded clients and get detailed information about them. Through the platform you can easily configure and build different onboarding journeys as per your per-requisites.

Cellbunq dashboard
business onboarding ux
Make it your own

Build the journey that match your UI/UX

Create a custom journey for your business onboarding, through the dashboard we have given you easy editing access to change colours, logos, texts and much more to make it feel like your own.

Not every client is the same

Create flows based on your prerequisites

With Cellbunq you can easily create different flows based out of your requirements and preferences. If you are onboarding a “high-risk” business you may want to tighten the CDD process.

business capture copy
Document uploads
Easy to manage and onboard

One link that can be sent or loaded within any browser

Integration has never been this seamless, in fact if you do not wish to do any integration you can manage any onboarding straight from the dashboard and send a link to your clients.

Available for you to start using today

Stop wasting time and turn your clients away, make your business onboarding a seamless and pleasant experience that will drive up your revenue.