Frictionless know your business (KYB) from start to finish.

Seamlessly verify your business customers with one simple connection that is powered by 10,000+ credible data sources.

We’ve connected more than 10,000+ credible data sources

Cellbunq data is available through a single API endpoint. No need for messy integrations, connect once and get refreshed company data at your fingertips.

Why is business onboarding (KYB) such a tedious process?

Onboarding business clients is usually a manual process due to the inconsistency & reliability of data that can be obtained. Businesses much rather hire an in-house compliance team than available sources.

No API Feed

For some jurisdictions they do not offer an API feed to obtain the business data and in many cases its complicated to gain access.

Old & Outdated Data

Business data is seldom updated frequently and in many cases a business may have been sold and bought multiple times before the records are updated.

A customer orientated business onboarding powered by AI

Cellbunq is using AI and machine learning to tap into the core of available data and  then combine it with your prerequisites to onboard business entities.

Hybrid collection & gathering of business data

Not every country offers the same transparency of data, however, the person that knows the business the best is your client and we help serve a seamless collection of their latest business data

Seamlessly verify businesses from anywhere in the world

With our frictionless onboarding, businesses can find their company and submit any supporting documents / verifications in minutes
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