The easiest way to verify and onboard anyone

Experience how our dynamic compliance platform allows you to easily verify and manage onboarding of businesses and individuals – globally.

We’ve connected more than 10,000+ credible data sources

Cellbunq data is available through a single API endpoint. No need for messy integrations, connect once and get refreshed company data at your fingertips.

The Platform

Complete verification of end-to-end platform

Never again worry about using multiple providers for your identity needs. Cellbunq comes packaged with access to any and all identity verification solutions that you could possibly need.

Know Your Business

Verify global businesses from 190+ countries

Know Your Customer

Verify individuals, directors & UBO’s cross the globe

Anti-Money Laundering

Screen companies and individuals against AML

Transaction Monitoring

Make sure your transactions aren’t of fraudulent nature

Crypto Compliance

Comply with global crypto regulations & Travel rule

Risk Scoring & Assessment

Evaluate and score everyone before engaging

The Industries

Built for any and all Industries

Companies ranging from all of the globes corners and sectors trust and rely on Cellbunq’s complete end-to-end verification platform to meet compliance requirements and scale operations.

The Problem

Why is business onboarding (KYB) such a tedious process?

Limited API

Not every country offers a refreshed and direct connection to company information.

Old & Outdated Data

Data may be available but refreshed very seldom. In some cases it may be once per year or longer.

Complex Process

KYB is not a singular process, its a combination of multiple services and products that needs to be modular.

The Solution

A customer orientated business onboarding powered by AI

Cellbunq is using AI and machine learning to tap into the core of available data and  then combine it with your prerequisites to onboard business entities.

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The Solution

Hybrid collection & gathering of business data

Not every country offers the same transparency of data, however, the person that knows the business the best is your client and we help serve a seamless collection of their latest business data

The Solution

Seamlessly verify businesses from anywhere in the world

With our frictionless onboarding, businesses can find their company and submit any supporting documents / verifications in minutes
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The Express Way

Onboard your clients in less than a minute

Powered by AI and conversational AI we help you onboard your business clients in less than a minute. Never before has conversion of clients been as high.

Questions & Answers

Have any questions? Find answers here.

Didn’t find your answer here? Just send us a message and we’ll help in no time.

Does Cellbunq offer any free trial?

Yes, we offer a free 14-days trial that allows you to test all functionalities of the system. You can apply here.

Can I use only one product?

Yes you can! Cellbunq is built to be highly modular and you can use any of our products/services in combination or stand-alone.

How do you charge for the service?

We offer flexible payment plans that range from committed volume to post-payment plans. We will only bill you for successfully completed onboardings.

I am looking to become a partner

That’s great, we are partner agnostic at Cellbunq. The easiest way is to send us an email to get started.

Ready to enhance your onboarding?

Learn how Cellbunq can help you elevate your know your business (KYB) or know your customer (KYC) process. Our industry experts will get back to you within the day.

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