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Streamline your Know Your Business (KYB) process

The regulatory landscape is evolving at a rapid pace with the passage of 6AMLD in the EU and comprehensive revisions to the US Bank Secrecy Act. These important legal updates are primarily focused on information sharing and high-risk customer management. In light of this rapidly changing environment, it’s essential to have reliable, readily available data on customers, counterparties, and transactions. 

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AML, FIU & Investigations

Global data + analytics

Automate the most time-consuming stages of investigations with pre-built relationship maps sourced to the most authoritative data from around the world.

A single platform for all your verifications

One single platform to manage your know your business (KYB) process, verifications, underwritings and everything in between.

Global know your business (KYB) data

Onboard and verify businesses from any corner of the world throught direct channel access

UBO verification

Verify the owners of any business through ID Verification and Biometrics


Integrate Cellbunq with one-line of code, or simply just send the onboarding url by email/sms

Orchestrate verifications

Set up as many different onboarding flows as you would possibly like with endless configuration options

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