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What Defines Us


Building trust is what Cellbunq is all about. Through trust we enable businesses and individuals to trust one another – globally.


Without innovation the world would remain the same. Our passion is for building new innovative ways to make compliance more seamless.


We listen to our customers, their feedback drives our innovation and allows us to build exciting new products that power compliance.

Our Mission & Vision

Cellbunq’s mission and vision is to facilitate businesses with a seamless and frictionless onboarding process. We understand that business onboarding is a complex orchestration that must align with several internal and external policies. In response to the everchanging world, we have implemented sophisticated automation to simplify the processes that businesses and underwriters have to undergo.

As a result, our platform integrates the power of AI with a manual intervention approach to deliver optimal results. Our team is committed to meeting and even surpassing the expectations of our clients through innovative solutions that streamline the onboarding experience. We take pride in our achievements and remain focused on providing an exceptional service that contributes to our clients’ success.

The Cellbunq story


An idea started taking place after the founders having to go through the same process over and over again in order to open up various accounts for businesses.


The founders did extensive analysis of the market with multiple insights from leading companies that onboard businesses. What are the current problems and how do you solve them?


Cellbunq platform started to become developed. A system that factored in market reasearch and business request in order to streamline every component of the journey.


Cellbunq was officially released to the market with an initial set of clients to test the solution.


Continued expansion of the product range and new geo verticals.

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