About Us

Frictionless onboarding is in our DNA

For far too long businesses have been struggling with a tedious processes to try and get their company onboarded. We have lived and felt this ourselves and Cellbunq is the result of a problem that needs to be eliminated.


Years of experience


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Our mission & vision

The mission and the vision of Cellbunq is to provide businesses with a seamless and frictionless onboarding process. It sounds simple but in reality business onboarding is a complex orchestration that needs to meet tons of internal and external policies.

With the everchanging world we have tried to automate the majority of the processes that businesses and underwriters need to go through and the final outcome is a platform that combines the power of AI with a mix of manual intervention.

The Cellbunq story


An idea started taking place after the founders having to go through the same process over and over again in order to open up a business bank account.


The founders did extensive analysis of the market with multiple insights from leading companies that onboard businesses. What are the current problems and how do you solve them?


Cellbunq platform started to become developed. A system that factored in market reasearch and business request in order to streamline every component of the journey.


Cellbunq was released to the market and quickly saw traction from existing clients and partners.


Yet to be seen...

Business onboarding as it should be

Business onboarding should not be a process that owners fear, it should be something as easy as picking a flower or buying a newspaper. Cellbunq helps businesses build their desired onboarding journey without causing friction to their clients.