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How a gaming company reduced friction for providers and customers

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Decrease in onboarding time


Uplift in revenue

Background and Problem

An Asian gaming platform that was recently founded went on a mission to establish itself as a leading provider in multiple Asian countries – all at the same time. 

The problem being multi-jurisdictional is that different regulations needs to be adhered towards and experts need to be able to understand exact requirement in different landscapes, which can truthfully be tiresome.

Before Cellbunq

Prior to using Cellbunq the process of onboarding customers went through the traditional manual process of a support agent/officer manually collecting and verifying information sent to the company from their providers or end-users. 

After obtaining the requested information the agent/officer then had to manually try to verify the supporting documents against in-house templates and individually run the providers or customers against AML databases to check their background.

Part of the information and documents requested included:

  • Provider license
  • Provider experience and references
  • Legal opinion
  • End-user KYC documents
  • End-user bank statements

What was the impact of the problem?

The very manual process of gathering and collecting of all provider/user related documents prohibited the client to ramp-up their revenue and also inflicted a heavy cost on hiring localised experts for certain markets.

In addition, customers disliked the current onboarding process and in many cases avoided to deposit funds once their account had finally been approved.

All of the above mentioned impacts resulted in a poor customer conversion ratio and a lot of time and energy spent on dealing with document requests and customer complaints.

How Cellbunq managed to solve the problem

With Cellbunq the client managed to build up unique onboarding flows for providers and end-users. With these journeys they have successfully automated their sign-up process by 85% while also cutting down their onboarding time from 5 business days down to 1 business day.

Through the Cellbunq platform access the client can easily subscribe to any additional compliance service they require, such as the AML screening, which is now a built in function for any provider or end-user in the background.

Since switching to Cellbunq the company has seen a significant decrease in their onboarding time by as much as 500% as compared to previously. In addition, as a combination of automation and quicker onboarding time the company has also seen an uplift in revenue by 34% and less time spent dealing with customer complaints.

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