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Interview With Kiya Boyd – Senior Sales Representative at Cellbunq

In a recent interview with SafetyDetectives, Kiya Boyd, Senior Sales Representative at Cellbunq, shares insights into the cutting-edge KYB, KYC, and AML solutions provided by the company. Based in Sweden, Kiya emphasizes Cellbunq’s standout features, including a 1-minute business onboarding system driven by AI and conversational AI. The discussion covers the transformative impact of recent technological advancements, challenges posed by cryptocurrencies to traditional KYC and AML processes, and effective strategies in AML compliance. Kiya also highlights how digital technology, including machine learning algorithms and biometric authentication, has evolved to prevent and detect financial fraud.  


Astrid is one of Cellbunq’s latest add-ons to the team, she is currently undergoing a bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence at the Stockholm University of Technology (SIT).

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