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Cellbunq – A Year in Review 2023

Welcome everyone and season’s greetings from the entire team at Cellbunq. As the year comes to a close, we want to take the opportunity to summarize what Cellbunq has experienced over the past year and the progress that has been made.

To start, this year has been amazing for the entire team. We have grown from a small team of less than 5 to a team of over 15 employees, covering most regions across the globe. We have also seen a significant increase in client requests, which has further propelled the development of our orchestration platform. We are now pleased to announce that it covers the entire compliance needs of typical businesses.

New and Improved Data Sources

This year has been hectic. Overall, we have added 20+ direct government data sources, including countries such as Australia, Sweden, Norway, and Germany, to name a few. With these additional countries, we now offer even more up-to-date and accurate business data coverage, providing clients with real-time insight into those they are looking to onboard.

Our coverage is frequently updated, and you can track the progress here.


For clients looking to automate agreement signing, we have recently partnered with and added a new eSignature provider. This allows clients to pre-set agreements with triggers. For example, before starting the onboarding process, you may want the customer to sign an NDA, or after the onboarding process, you may want them to sign an agreement. All of this can now be done and managed within the Cellbunq dashboard.

Dynamic Risk Scoring

Risk scoring has been in the works for a long time. Initially, it could be a static setting for certain sectors or countries, but it’s much more complex than that. With Cellbunq’s dynamic risk scoring, we enable our clients to tweak multiple risk triggers that are automatically calculated and classified during onboarding.

Once a customer has finished the onboarding, they will automatically have an overall risk score that can be set within various intervals such as “Low,” “Medium,” or “High,” etc.

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Extended API

Our API has seen significant development in the past year. In addition to all the exciting new products, we have also experienced a large increase in customer demands for additional information, both input and output directly via API. Speak to one of our salespeople to gain a deeper understanding of what is available via the API.

KYB Express

One of our largest releases this year is a new way clients can onboard businesses in less than 1 minute. Since we have already covered this separately in a different PR post, we’ll link the post here.

Crypto Compliance

We developed a complete compliance suite for cryptocurrency clients looking to meet some of the most stringent regulatory requirements. Enjoy crypto wallet monitoring with transaction monitoring, all combined under the umbrella of Cellbunq.

Additional Partners

All in all, this year we have integrated more than 15 different partners, ranging from KYC providers to AML screening providers. Our extensive network is growing, allowing for a holistic orchestration platform suitable for everyone.

Final Notes

The year 2023 has indeed been great, and we look forward to 2024 with new challenges for our team to accomplish. We thank everyone who is our current client; it’s you who sets the tone for our developments and guides us for what the market wants.


Astrid is one of Cellbunq’s latest add-ons to the team, she is currently undergoing a bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence at the Stockholm University of Technology (SIT).

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