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Introducing Cellbunq 2.0

Our products team has been working non-stop to make the biggest release as of yet available. Cellbunq 2.0 includes a complete re-defining of the customer profile which introduces a whole set of new features such as automated risk scoring, secondary users, detailed insights and much more!

introducing cellbunq 2.0

Updated Company Profiles with tons of added features & functionalities

We are happy to tell you that we have released a new product version, which is a big accomplishment for us in meeting our clients’ needs. We did a lot of research to better understand what our clients wanted, and our product team created amazing features to fulfill those needs. We updated our features to make it easier for our clients to work and improve their experience with our product. We’re sure this new version will help our clients reach their goals. We’re proud of what we’ve done and want to invite our clients to be part of this journey towards excellence.


Business Intelligence and automated risk scoring

Is business data truly enough? Or does other indicators play into effect? We believe so at least, what if a company claims to operate globally but all their traffic is coming from one single country? What if the CV’s of the team members is overly extensive but they have no online presence. 

These are the type of questions that our Business Intelligence will aim to answer. Through a heavy mixture of alternative sources we will dive deep into the presence of businesses & individuals cross the globe and provide detailed insights about their online presence.

With the additional insights we have configured a risk-engine to be able to automatically classify alerting aspects and to warn you of suspicious activities.

business intelligence by Cellbunq

Secondary users & permissions

Not necessarily a new feature, however we have modified and updated the roles and permissions once can give to their fellow colleagues.

With Cellbunq you can create various roles for secondary users, would you like to give them admin access or only reading access? You can easily define and assign roles through the settings dashboard.

Automated risk classifications

To further make the life easier of anyone verifying and making decisions about onboardings we have also introduced one ofour latest features – automated risk classifications.

This feature allows businesses to pre-set their requirements of what is considered a no-risk, low-risk, medium-risk….. type of client and basedout of those prerequisites the system will automatically classify the associated risk revolving the company.

Complete and compliant audit trails

Not the sexiest feature but nonetheless a required one. We have made it easily available for anyone to look into what has been done on any given company profile. 

“Did Joshua request a clarification?”

“Did Debbie send out a reminder?”

With our audit trail we provide an overview of any action taken for any company.

New direct data sources on Cellbunq

We welcome the latest added countries to the list of directly integrated government sources.

  • United Kingdom
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Romania

Joint onboarding invite

Customers can now easily invite anyone of their fellow colleagues to assist with the onboarding process.

We know that onboardings can be complicated and in many cases various departments need to assist in order to complete all necessary steps.

Through our invite, clients can easily invite their fellow colleagues and jointly complete the onboarding.


From the entire team of Cellbunq we appreciate any customer feedback and we hope by this release we show our devotion towards building the best end-to-end verification platform for both businesses (KYB) and individuals (KYC).

If you would like to see the latest update in action, book in a call with one of our representatives.

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Kiya is an experienced sales representative that originates from the United States. She has lived and moved all over the world and speaks fluent Japanese. Kiya currently heads up the Sales team of Cellbunq.

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